Sylvan Ranch Community Garden Rules & Procedures

The Sylvan Ranch Community Garden Rules & Procedures are intended to provide guidelines for the optimum use of the Garden. Failure to follow these rules and procedures can result in termination of your membership agreement and forfeiture of any payments that have been made.

  1. Plots will be leased on a first come first serve basis and assigned by the SRCG Board of Directors. Priority will be given to Citrus Heights residents and Citrus Heights community groups.
  2. Plot payments in the amount set by the SRCG Board of Directors are due annually by April 1st or when the lease agreement is signed. Fees are non-refundable and not pro-rated.
  3. Second plots will be assigned only after all applicants have leased one plot.
  4. Each plot holder is responsible for contributing 20 hours annually toward the maintenance and operation of the Garden. This can include maintenance of common areas, development of new facilities, arranging or conducting educational programs, serving on the Garden Committee, or participating in community workdays and fundraising activities.
  5. Garden plots are only available for the personal use of local residents. Plots may be shared but no subleasing is permitted.
  6. Plots may not be used to grow crops for sale.
  7. Invasive or poisonous plants, trees, bamboo, or illegal plants may not be planted.
  8. Only organic supplements and pest control methods may be used in the Garden. No chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are allowed in the Garden.
  9. Garden plots must be kept clear of any noxious weeds and any garbage.
  10. Gardeners with poorly maintained plots will be given written notification to their address on record. A 7- day grace period will be given to allow correction of the problems. Lease agreements for poorly maintained plots may be terminated and reassigned at the discretion of the SRCG Board. Decisions may be appealed for reconsideration. No refunds will apply.
  11. No alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs or weapons of any kind are permitted in the Garden.
  12. Gardening and watering is restricted to your own plot. You must be present while watering or use a timed drip system. Do not drag hoses and tools across other plots or walkways.
  13. You shall maintain the pathways around your plot and keep your pathways clear of weeds and obstructions. Plots shall not be widened to encroach upon the pathways and the common areas.
  14. Put the community tools away when you are finished using them. Be sure to clean all tools before putting them away. Turn off faucets, lock the tool shed and the gates, and scramble the lock combination(s).
  15. Personal items are permitted in your garden plot, but are placed there at your own risk.
  16. Children must be accompanied by an adult and must be well supervised while on site.
  17. No pets are allowed in the garden; however service animals are permitted. No dog or cat waste shall be used as fertilizer. Service animal waste must be removed immediately.
  18. Gardeners participate in the Garden at their own risk. You and your visitors, whether annual or temporary, must be registered prior to working in the garden and must sign a waiver of liability prior to participating. It is recommended that you have a current tetanus shot prior to working in the Garden.

Complaints regarding rule infractions should be sent in writing to:

Board of Directors

Sylvan Ranch Community Garden

PO Box 1446 Citrus Heights, CA 95611