Who may join the garden?

The garden is open to all applicants.  Because it is a city-sponsored project, priority is given to residents of Citrus Heights.

What are the requirements for membership?

There are three levels of Community Garden membership:

  • Sunflower supporter: For a $20 annual fee, participants receive garden news and announcements via email and are eligible to attend educational seminars
  • Tomato membership: For a $40 annual fee, participants receive a portion of the harvest from the common areas, can steward a common area, and have full access to the Garden.
  • Zucchini gardener membership: For a $60 annual fee, participants may lease their own 4’ X 20’ plot, which includes: a water source, access to portioned compost and use of community garden tools. They also receive a portion of the harvest from the common areas, can steward a common area, and have full access to the Garden

How do I apply for membership?

Membership forms are available here for download and are available at the garden site.

When is membership due each year?

The membership year now starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st. For returning members, the best time to get your membership application and plot fees into the Board of Directors is in February and March. The Board reviews applications for approval at the regularly scheduled Board meetings: the Thursday evening before the 3rd Saturday of the month, see the Event Calendar for specific dates.

Do I need to submit a new membership form each year?


Can I join at any time of the year?

Yes you can. Membership and plot fees are not pro-rated though.

Are there additional fees for family members or for groups?

No. A group of up to 5 people may participate as a group as long as they are all listed as members on the application.  However, no sub-leasing of plots is permitted.

Can members grow anything they like in their individual plots?

Members may plant anything that is not poisonous, invasive or illegal and that is not a tree or a shrub in their individual plot.

Can I sell what I grow?


Can I use herbicides and pesticides and non-organic fertilizers?

For the health and safety of everyone that partakes of the garden, we prohibit anything that is not organic.

Do I need to bring my own tools and things?

The Shed is well stocked with a number of Garden owned gardening tools for members to use, including shovels, rakes, hoes and a few wheelbarrows. Contributions of tools and such are always welcome.

How do members get access to the garden?

Once the membership fees are paid and the new member has had an orientation tour of the garden, the new member is provided with the combination to the lock on the gate and the lock on the shed.

Who is in charge of the garden?

A volunteer Board of Directors governs the garden.  They meet monthly, generally on the  Thursday before the third Saturday of the month (see the Event Calendar for specific dates), at 7:00pm at Merrill Gardens, 7418 Stock Ranch Road (the facility just west of the garden) in the Garden Square Room.  Participation in these meetings from the general membership is welcomed and appreciated.

How is the garden maintained?

We hold regular workdays every third Saturday of the month (see the Event Calendar for specific dates), weather permitting.  These workdays are used to perform general maintenance and upkeep of the facilities and to continue to develop pathways and add new amenities.

The common growing areas are the responsibility of members who volunteer to be ‘Stewards’ of a particular area.  Stewards recruit teams from the membership who assist with the maintenance of that area and the distribution of any common area harvest.

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  1. Hello!
    I am an intensive organic gardener…and need to have my hands in dirt! I lived in the Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, Sacramento area for over 40 years. Taking a 3 yr. ‘jaunt’ to work in Nevada, I am back. Having rented an apartment in the area, I am looking forward to being part of a gardening community as well as to getting my hands in the dirt! I would like a Zucchini membership. (Cute!) I would like to hear back from someone as to how to proceed.
    Many thanks.

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