Deadly Citrus Disease Threatens California Citrus

Help Save California Citrus

Adult Asian citrus psyllid- 1/8in lon

Protect your citrus trees from a plant disease called Huanglongbing (HLB) that can kill
your trees.  Learn how to save your citrus by protecting against HLB and the Asian citrus psyllid, the pest that can spread the disease.

Here are some tips provided by The Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program (CDFA)

  • Inspect your trees – when watering or pruning, look for the Asian citrus psyllid and HLB disease
  • HLB symptoms can produce yellow mottling

    Do not move citrus – refrain from bringing citrus fruit or plants into the area from Southern California, other states or countries because this could carry the pest or disease to the region

  • Cooperate with agricultural inspectors – inspectors may request to inspect or treat your citrus trees
  • Buy local – purchase citrus trees from reputable nurseries in your area to ensure you’re buying a healthy tree
  • Dry or double bag plant clippings prior to disposal
  • Report suspicious insects or diseases – call the California
    Department of Food and Agriculture hotline (800-491-1899) if you think you’ve found the psyllid or disease

    photos provided by CDFA

For more information regarding the threat to California, visit The Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program website: citrus: